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two new cards and one half baked idea.

I had an idea to draw some cards which depicted glamorous women gardening - as per the third illustration here.  The idea wasn’t very clear and it looked like this was a crazy lady handling hens who might at any moment poo on her lovely coat - so I made her into a city woman waiting for the bus and repurposed the hens. The gardening card is still a little novel as most gardening cards show pretty flower gardening rather than vegetables and hens.   Reusing design elements for me - is the real benefit  of drawing on the computer using a vector package such as illustrator.  Any element of a drawing can just be moved, recoloured and resized.  I can’t imagine going back to drawing everything by hand and loosing it all when a mistake is made.  That said, I usually do all the textile patterns by hand and work them up in drawings until I am nearly ready to test them out.  I get a better feel for the pattern that way.    The cards will be available along with five others some day next week.